Cahalan, Meck Named October Students Of The Month

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Duncan Cahalan was awarded Student of the Month for November. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cahalan.

“Duncan is a good choice for student of the month. He is a very motivated, hard-working, and respectable young man who has a bright future ahead of him. I’m glad to say he is one of my best friends,” senior Ethan Miller said.

Cahalan has exceled in many aspects, from sports to school, and even in his community. He plays for the Fleetwood baseball team as first baseman, and he started playing when was five years old. He also runs for the Fleetwood winter track and field team. Cahalan has participated in track since his sophomore year. He throws shot put and runs hurdles.

Cahalan excels in school. He is a part of the National Honor Society, and he is also in the Future Business Leaders of America. Cahalan does not fail to give back to his community. He participates at the Legion Hall breakfast. Cahalan helps at the Animal Rescue League with volunteer projects. Cahalan helps out at the Berks Encore as a tutor helping kids. He also helps out as a volunteer coach and a volunteer at the food bank, helping people in need.

After graduation, Cahalan wants to join the United States Army and later finish his career at the U.S State Department. In the future, Cahalan plans on attending American University in Washington, D.C, and participating in their Army ROTC program.

“I’ve always wanted to help people. I feel like the army is the best way to help people in a larger scale. I’ll also be able to travel to different countries and experience what other people do in their daily lives. The army offers a unique experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else, and that’s what really draws me to them,” Cahalan said.

Duncan looks up to his friend and former military serviceman Dick Hiller as a mentor. He fought in World War II. Cahalan has known Hiller since he was eight years old, and through those years he taught Duncan about life and being honest. Cahalan feels that Hiller is a true American Hero for his service in the military.

Amanda Meck is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meck.

Meck has attended school in the Fleetwood Area School District since Kindergarten. During her high school career, she has been involved in volleyball, FBLA, National Honor Society, and student council.

After high school, Meck plans to go to college and major in Public Relations. She is currently looking to attend the University of Tennessee, Penn State University, or Syracuse.

Her favorite part of high school was getting to know some of the teachers. She really admires Mrs. Ackerman, Mrs. Heffner, and Ms. Nagle.

“They are kind, caring, and wonderful leaders in our educational system,” Meck said.

When she graduates, Meck will miss being a part of Fleetwood’s FBLA Chapter and playing volleyball with her fellow team members.

In her free time, she likes to go to the beach, hang out with her boyfriend Brandon Stitzel, and play volleyball indoors and outdoors. She also enjoys spending time with her nephew, Mason, and her new baby niece, Briley.

Meck has also dedicated herself to her community by being a lifeguard, participating in FBLA’s community service project, helping at food drives, and volunteering at Berks Encore.

After college, Meck hopes to be living somewhere in the south, preferably near the beach, with a job in Public Relations.

She has sound advice to those trying to make their high school experience the most memorable.

“I’d say, get involved.  High school is so much more fun once you’re involved. If you just go through your four years coming to school at 7:25 and leaving at 2:25, you won’t have the opportunity to gain helpful relationships with students who have common interests, and you’ll miss out on getting to know your teachers, which is extremely important.”

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