Gettysburg Gets Good Review

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Unlike the retreating confederate forces on 4 July 1863, the rain stayed away from the ninth graders on their field trip this year. It was a nice day for the tours to the visitor’s center, Cyclorama, Cemetery Ridge, Seminary Boulevard, and Little Round Top. Freshman students and chaperones had an enlightening at Gettysburg on 9 October.

“Physically being a part of the Gettysburg experience provides a deeper meaning of the importance of this history-making event that helped shape the course of our nation for decades to come,” history teacher Mr. Todd Weiss said.

Hours of time were spent making this trip successful.

“My favorite part of the Gettysburg trip is being able to share this semi-social, historic site with my ninth grade students,” history teacher Ms Dina Heffner said.

“We didn’t get enough time to do a lot of the things we wanted.  We spent a lot of time on the bus,” freshman Reece Fenstermacher said.  “My favorite part of the trip was sitting in the theatre and watching the movie about the causes of the civil war.”

“The tour guides got everyone involved in the trip,” freshman Abby Ryan said.

“Going to the Devil’s Den was a great part of the trip. That was fun!” freshman Lydia Santiago said.

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