Something Rotten Is Anything But

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On 28 October, the theater class, ETC students, and seniors in chorus took a trip to New York to see the Broadway production of Something Rotten. Something Rotten was a fantastic show not once lacking in spirit or comedy. I loved the opening song; it was stuck in my head the entire rest of the night.

Though it had quite a lot of adult humor, it was by far a big hit with the audience.

“The show was hilarious and made me want to go see more Broadway shows. I absolutely loved it,” senior Olivia Leenhouts said.

The actors were very committed to their performances. The passion for what they do was evident on their faces as they performed. The sets looked amazing: they had backdrops and actual buildings so that everything looked incredible. The costumes had a big part in the adult humor because of the absurd features they possess.

“The dancing eggs were by far my favorite part. I was laughing so hard; it was fantastic,” chorus teacher Catharine Williamson said.

If you love singing and Shakespeare, this is a must see.

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