Winter Fashion 2016 Is Different Than Any Other Year

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Fleetwood Area High School has a lot of students who pay attention to fashion. The style changes every year and every season. This year’s 2016 winter collection is different than any other year. Sweaters are on trend this year with all different styles.

“I love to wear sweaters with boots in the winter,” senior Katie Eckert said.

Calvin Klein has a very unique collection this year. Long jackets are very popular, especially in the color black. Along with the color black, tan is very popular this year. Long sleeve and halter dresses are also loved by Calvin Klein, and a lot of people buy them. You could put high boots with the dresses to accompany it to give it a “little something.”

“In the winter, I love to wear flannels and Vans,” senior Danica Flinchbauch said.

Urban Outfitter brings more of a 50s look back. They also are selling long jackets, but their pullover sweatshirts are really in. Wool is very popular in Urban Outfitter, and most of the clothing is made out of it. They also try and keep their colors natural, but they have a lot of pastel colors to bring some color into their collection.

Big and bold is how H&M is doing their 2016 winter collection. Sometimes bigger is better. They complement a black dress with white tights and silver shoes, which could be worn as an evening outfit. At H&M, they have a very unique outfit that is based off of Michael Jackson’s famous white pant outfit.

Express has many styles. They go with business to dress up comfortably. They love the sweaters with big buttons, which come in various different colors. You could accompany that with long boots and leggings.

PacSun has a lot of new styles for this year’s winter formal. The coats they are selling are very unique. They added an Aztec design to the coat. They also added fur to the coats.

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