Scanlan, Shomper Named November Students of the Month

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Fleetwood’s November Students of the Month were seniors Dan Shomper and Faith-Ann Scanlan.

Shomper is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. He was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has been enrolled in Fleetwood his whole life.

In his free time, Shomper participates in Track and Field. He also loves to read. He loves Social Studies and the complex histories of the Ages. Shomper may even follow his love of Social Studies when he attends the University of Akron after he graduates in June.

Later in life, Shomper would hope to travel across Asia and Europe because there are so many cultural experiences and countries to explore. He would also love to visit Washington State because of the beautiful views found in the Pacific-Northwest.

Throughout Shomper’s life, he has looked up to his father. He considers him hardworking and admires the way he can juggle everything that comes his way and still maintain a positive attitude.

Faith Ann Scanlan is a cheerful senior who also attends Fleetwood Area High School. She was born in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

Scanlan loves history and has always found it interesting. It’s like reading a never-ending story. Her favorite place is Disney world. When she isn’t taking vacations to Disney, she can be found going to concerts, and spending time with her family and friends.

She hopes to attend college after she graduates and pursue a career in elementary education.

The one person she looks up to is her brother, Blaine. He is a Fleetwood graduate and has always been there for Scanlan, no matter the situation.

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