Fleetwood Community Theater Turns Thirty

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The Fleetwood Community Theater (FCT) is a nonprofit organization that has been bringing the Fleetwood community together for 30 years. FCT is, in all actuality, a little bit older than 30.

The group was originally a show group located at St. Paul’s UCC called the “Messengers” until they became their own group in 1986. Members from the Messengers wanted to create a group separate from the church itself. This was the birth of The Fleetwood Community Theater.

Ever since, the group has not had a permanent home. They rely on local churches and the High school for some of the larger productions.

There is a spring and winter show, each of which has the potential of being a comedy and/or a mystery of some sorts. For the summer productions, they are able to use the high school’s auditorium. This allows the cast to have a full range of the stage, complete with choreography and vocals accompanied by a pit orchestra with sound effects needed from the sound booth.

The summer productions are by far the most popular. Lots of hard work go into them, the same as all the other productions too. A full cast is present and accompanied by an ensemble.

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