Motocross an Adrenaline-Filled Hobby

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What is motocross? It’s not just a “sit down and ride” sport.

Motocross is an extreme sport that originated in 1948 in France. By the mid-1970s, the motorcycle press still considered outdoor racing “real motocross.”

“It’s beyond dangerous,” high school teacher Mark Cassolo said.

First, improvements were made to two-stroke machines. They were made to handle tighter courses and more technical circuits. Four-stroke bikes were seen more of an outdoor bike rather than for indoor stadium racing.

“I think it’s a pretty cool sport, but it’s also really dangerous. You’ve got to be really brave to do it,” sophomore Kylie Smith said.

By the mid-2000s, bikes were made close to what they are today: better suspension to land from jumps and absorb ruts, better steering,  more power, and safer settings.

It isn’t all about sitting on the bike, shifting gears, and twisting a throttle. There are two sides of “getting ready” for motocross or super cross. Putting on the helmet and other gear and just simply walking around in it is exhausting enough. People need to train every muscle in their bodies to prepare for what the track is going to be like and what it’s going to throw at them.  When jumping and landing on the bike, back muscles are used to fix your body position. Even leg muscles are used to squeeze the bike and prevent it from falling. The rider’s arm muscles are used to hold the bike up. Form is very important when jumping because, if the rider doesn’t have good form, he or she will crash.

A rider’s mental state of mind needs to be right.  If he or she focused while riding, he or she could crash into other riders, overshoot a jump, or shift into the wrong gear. Diet is very important because, if a rider doesn’t eat the proper foods, then they could cramp up.

“As soon as you put that helmet on, all your problems or bad thoughts are gone. You’re so focused on where the riders are, what body position you’re in, what gear you’re in, and where that next turn or jump is,” motocross rider Tyrone Lea said.

A lot of people do motocross because it’s a source of adrenaline or an escape from reality.  It can take your mind off of things and is a proven stress reliever.

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