Fleetwood Students Attend PASC

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On 12 November 2015, the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils, or PASC, began its annual conference. The conference, which was estimated to have about 1,000 attendants, hosted members of Fleetwood Area High Schoo’s Student Council. Student Council was accompanied by social studies teachers Mrs. Dina Heffner and Ms. Susan Nagle.

The conference is designed to inform and educate students across the state about leadership and other crucial skills involved in being a contributing member of student council. Some of the values PASC hopes to instill in its conference’s attendees include financial responsibility, “recognition of school and individual achievements,” and the importance of school events.

Students who participate in a student council anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania are invited to make the trip to the conference.

“The conference is a gathering of people who are involved in student councils from all over the state of Pennsylvania,” Heffner said.

The location of the conference changes every year in order to accommodate the traveling that is involved for some schools.
The weekend-long event had many speakers to whom the students could listen.

“Students listened to keynote speakers to motivate them. Then they go to workshops to learn new ideas for student council, and there’s also a banquet and dance,” Heffner said.

“The last night at the farm show complex, we had a black light dance. It was a lot of fun,” junior Sam Evans said.

While no date has been announced for 2016’s PASC Conference at this point, it was recently announced that it will be held in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, at Deer Lakes High School, which is close to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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