Boys Tennis Team Has Optimistic Outlook

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With Boys tennis starting on 3 March, many team members are looking forward to the season with great optimism.  With last year’s poor weather dampening the tennis season, this season is expected to bear more practices and more success.

“Last year, we had some very poorly placed weather and only had five practices the whole season,” junior Kyle Keirstead said. “We didn’t have time to practice and address certain things. We kept having game after game.”

Besides the weather, Joshua Werstler, the team’s coach expressed a great amount of positivity.

“We want to win, but we want it to be enjoyable. We want to have a good attitude and good sportsmanship,” Werstler said.

Last year, the team finished with a record of ten wins and three losses. Mr. Werstler expects good things from the team performance-wise. The team is looking to qualify for the Berks playoffs and the districts playoffs.

“We’d like to perform similar to last year, but we’d like to have more success in the postseason,” Werstler said.

The players also have high hopes for the season.

“I think it’s going to be a strong year, and I think a lot of people are going to step up after we’ve lost some very talented seniors,” Kyle Keirstead said in reference to former seniors Tom Paganelli and Cristian Mendelez.

With the loss of these two talented players, their positions are looking to be filled. Prospective candidates include Thayjas Patel, Matt Schlegel, and Ian O’Keefe. Juniors on the team are also expected to step up. Jeremy Heist, Kyle Kiersted, Adam Cook, Zach Schucraft, and Harry Zheng are expected to outperform the competition this season.

The team is gaining a new addition to their coaches. Bryan Ghessi is coming as a new assistant coach on the team. Former Fleetwood graduate Jake Braswell has been working as an assistant coach for the team for a couple of years, but any additions to the team are welcome.

“The more people we have on the court is beneficial to the team,” Mr. Werstler said.

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