Parking Lot Closure Mandates Busing for All Students

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News is spreading that the student parking lot is no longer going to be available. Instead, it will be a weight room.

The new building will occupy a large chunk of the parking lot and will be of more use than the current one in the high school. Construction will begin sometime in May on the building, which will house 15 treadmills, 8 leg presses, 8 bench presses, 6 ellipticals, 12 step machines,  8 bikes, a heavy bag, and multiple sets of dumbbells. All of this equipment has been generously donated and paid for by the fundraising of Fleetwood parents.

“It’ll be really good to have, but it stinks I won’t be here to use it,” senior Josh Miller said.

Many athletes are excited about the upcoming changes.

“It’ll be great for us to use since it’ll have everything we need, and it’ll be so big we won’t constantly be fighting over machines and bumping into each other,” junior Justin Clovis said.

While many people are excited for the upcoming changes, there are students who are not happy at all.  Because the new weight room will be occupying the space where the student parking lot is, all students will no longer be allowed to drive to school. They must either walk, be dropped off or take the bus to school.

“I think this is really dumb. This is definitely both a waste of money and a waste of a perfectly good parking lot,” junior Nikki Keller said.

Administrators have already finalized the plans. Bus schedules are already being worked on to accommodate all students who will now have to start taking buses. The bus routes will be altered to make sure every student is picked up and at school by 7:00 a.m., where they will wait in the cafe for the bell to ring. 

As for the other weight room, it is going to be turned into a music room for instrumentalists to practice in if they have study halls. 

“This is going to be wonderful.  Now students will be able to have a room to practice for districts and competitions and such. It’s going to be so awesome to see the results,” chorus Jenny Kline said.

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