Fleetwood Graduate Battles Cancer

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Kial Maynard was just like any other regular graduate from Fleetwood–Class of 2012 to be specific. He was going on to further his education by attending classes at Montgomery County Community College. His first year, he had not decided what he wanted to peruse, but he later decided to major in Information Technology. Then tragedy struck the life of the twenty-year-old, something about which he should have never had to worry.

On 14 May 2015, Maynard was diagnosed with Seminoma Testicular Cancer. His doctors were determined to rid him of the cancer and didn’t think it would be an issue at all. He would have surgery to remove the tumor. Four days later, he was feeling well enough and was highly determined to attend his four-hour long graduation ceremony.

Kial was able to live his life as normally as possible, turning twenty-one and now attending Millersville College. All was well with Kial, but, of course, he had follow-up scans just to make sure. Something was not quite right. On Christmas Eve 2015, it was revealed to the Maynard family that the cancer had returned–stage two cancer that now needed chemotherapy to help Maynard kick the disease forever.

He and his family remain strong.

“This is going to be exhausting and difficult work. Family and friends, you know who you are, and I need your support. My biggest Challenge as a twenty-one-year-old is in front of me. Let’s get this done with style,” Kial Maynard said.

Action has been taken to help him heal. Maynard has taken medical leave from school and no longer works at Packaging Corporation of America and Sam’s club.

A very close family member to the Maynard family has started a Go Fund Me account entitled “Help Kial Maynard Kick Cancer” or “#helpkialkickcancer.” This is open to anyone who would like to donate but also to others who would like to stay up-to-date on Kial and how he is doing. Weekly updates can be found there.  

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