Hawkins and Delong Sign Letters of Intent

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Every year, Fleetwood Area High School has some of their athletes sign to play for a college. This time, Jenna Hawkins and Ciara Delong signed their National Letters of Intent.

They did their signing on 3 February 2016 . This event was held in the board room at Fleetwood Area High School.

Jenna Hawkins chose Bloomsburg as her college for her next step in life. She mainly chose this school because they have a fantastic soccer team. She gets along with coaches as well. Through this decision, she gets a lot of opportunities. She is very excited about going to Bloomsburg to see what life has there for her.

“I love the campus and the atmosphere up there,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins will be majoring in Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Science. This was not Hawkins’ original choice until she visited the campus, met the team, and viewed the facilities on campus. When she first stepped on campus, she knew that this was the place she wanted to go for the next four years.

Her family is very happy with her decision. They are extremely excited to see most of her games as a collegiate athlete. Jenna’s coach is also happy with her decision of going to Bloomsburg. Her recruiting coach is really excited to have her as a new addition to the team.

Ciara Delong was the second student to sign for a college. The college she chose to go to was the third top school in the whole country for her major, Misericordia University. They also have a fantastic softball project, which benefits her very well.

The program that Ciara wants to go for is Occupational therapy. She chose this occupation because she likes to interact with people and wants to be able to help them in need. They use assessments and treatments to develop, recover, and maintain the daily living and work skills of people with a physical, mental or cognitive disorder.

Ciara’s parents are very happy and supportive with the decision she made to go to this school. Her coach is extremely proud of her.

“All the hard work she put in, her dedication is paying off,” her coach said.

Jenna and Ciara are very happy that they know where they are going in life.

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