2016 Art Event Held on 27 February

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One of the most well-received Fleetwood Area High School-affiliated events was recently held. Students around the school were eagerly anticipating the event for months.  

Fleetwood’s Art Department and its students held the annual Art Event. Just like in the past, it was held in the cafeteria. The event occurred on Saturday, 27 February. This year’s Art Event lasted four hours and went from noon to four o’clock.

The pillars in the cafeteria were covered in colored paper and painted by students in the Art Department.  

Additionally, Fleetwood Area High School students and local talent will performed music for people to listen to while they spent their time browsing the stands at the event.  This year’s stands included art dealers, food vendors, and a used book stand.

As always, the event was highly anticipated among Fleetwood students and staff.

“I’m so excited to go, get my art, display it in my home,” senior Ian O’Keefe said.

Prior events have helped to support the art program at the high school. Vendors come in and sell art, food, jewelry, and other related items.

The Art Event is one way in which students can make a name for themselves beyond the school. A lot of people outside of the Fleetwood community attend this event, and some within the community bring friends and family. One example of this is German Teacher Frau Christine Moll, who said she plans on bringing her family along with her this year.

“I love how it brings the community together and exhibits my peers’ talents,” O’Keefe said.

This year’s Art Event proved to be another incontrovertible success.

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