Heller And Fenstermacher Named Students Of The Month

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Devon Heller is the son of Jennifer and Christopher Heller.   In school, he is involved in Science Olympiad, German Cub, and the Outdoor Club, for which he acts as president.

Outside of school, he was previously involved with the local food bank, which goes well with one of his many hobbies, baking. Some of his other hobbies include working with cars, golf, gardening, and anything outdoors.

After he graduates, he is going to attend Penn State University to major in Medical Engineering.

“I will miss my friends a lot after graduation,” Heller said.

He is very interested in both the math and science department, as those are his favorite subjects in school. He thinks the reason he became Student of the Month is that his teachers like him and because he does his work.

In ten years, he hopes to merely be alive.

Olivia Fenstermacher is the daughter of Peter and Marie Fenstermacher, and she has been attending Fleetwood Area School District all her life.

In school, she is the secretary of the Interact club, and she also writes for the school’s newspaper, The Tiger Times. Outside of school, she is part of a youth group at her church, as well as a teacher for their kindergarten and first-grade Sunday school classes.

Some of her hobbies include, writing, reading, listening to music, and hiking. She also likes to watch Netflix and hang out with her boyfriend Logan Carbaugh, a junior at Fleetwood, in her spare time.

Her favorite subject in school is English because it lets her express herself through writing and it gives her a better understanding of American and British literature.

After she graduates from high school, she would like to attend Kutztown University to major in Paralegal Studies, as she would  like to work either as a legal secretary or undertake some kind of paralegal social work.  In ten years, she would like to have her own house or apartment and maybe have started a family and be working within the paralegal services.

She thinks she became Student of the Month because she is both hardworking and friendly as well as outgoing. She has also put a lot of effort into school for the past couple of years in order to become her best self.

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