Hair Products Cause Damage

Posted on April 22, 2016 by


There are a lot of products men and women use daily. One important product is shampoo. You have to find the right brand for your type of hair, and you have to be careful if the type of shampoo burns off your hair.

Pantene has a product that literally causes your hair to burn at the scalp. An occurrence like this recently happened in Maryland.  

Patrik Alan Simpson works at Mixed Elements Salon. He took this problem to Facebook. Patrik said that Pantene’s Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner was unacceptable, according to Refinery29. While he was working on a woman’s hair doing a technique he has done for years, her hair started to catch fire and burn through the aluminum foil he put in her hair.

He asked her what she used in her hair, and she said Pantene, which she has used for over a year. Despite the number of complaints, Pantene has done nothing about this shampoo and conditioner burning and bubbling on the scalp.

Another product that achieved notoriety was WEN. More than 200 women filed a lawsuit on WEN hair products for causing severe scalp irritation and hair loss. This product claimed to be an all natural shampoo and conditioner to help hair grow faster, healthier, and thicker.

That doesn’t mean the product actually does what it is supposed to. This caused a lot of hair loss to women even after just one use. These are all of the side effects costumers reported after using WEN: rashes, scalp irritation, hair breakage, hair discoloration.

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