Chicago Homicide One Of Many In April

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On 24 April 2016, Darrell Wilson was shot inside of his vehicle in Lawndale, Illinois. The officers responding to the shots arrived at the 3200 block of West Douglas Boulevard to find the twenty-four-year-old, black male, unresponsive in a parked car near Douglas Park.

Wilson was shot in the head and pronounced dead according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office at 12:48.

He lived in the one-hundred-block of South Central Avenue. Although no one has been convicted yet of this crime, he was reported as a former gang member by the police in the investigation. This homicide was originally reported in the Chicago-Sun Times.

When asked about the situations, students responded in different ways.

“I wonder what he had done to get himself into that situation,” senior Hannah Sell said.

“It’s sad to think about what can happen to a person when they get into the wrong crowd,” junior Megan Majewski said.

Students were amazed by the amount of crime in Douglas Park, Chicago. There were 2.8 violent crimes, 3.7 property crimes, and 4.5 quality of life crimes within the 1,000 people in North Lawndale within the past 30days. From 3 March 2016 to 2 April 2016, there were 393 forms of crime reports: a total of 99 crime reports in the violent crime category, a total of 132 property crime reports, and a total of 162 quality-of-life crime reports.

Within the past thirty days, there have been 38 robberies, 22 assaults, 83 thefts, 16 burglaries, two arsons, 93 narcotics, and 67 cases of criminal damage.

“The area around Douglas Park seems sketchy, so I wonder what he could have been doing there in the first place,” Sell said.

There are no memorial services set up yet for Darrell Wilson as of this writing.

“Even if he wasn’t the most liked person in the area, he should still have a proper memorial service for his family,” Majewski said.

Wilson’s family members and friends will have time to mourn and schedule memorial services in the near future.

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