Freshman Participates in Teen Theatre

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Cassidy Vees is a freshman at Fleetwood Area High School. She loves helping people and wants to make a difference. She is a part of an organization called “Teen Theater Ensemble” at the Yocum Institute for Arts Education.

This is a program that is primarily a theater class that deals with a lot of acting. Some of the activities are improvisational performances, plays, and even some musicals. This helps kids meet new people and gain confidence in themselves.

The play they are focusing on now is written by Barry Kornhauser, called “From Apartment 2B to the End Zone.” This is a piece that deals with a situation someone might be going through. The play is about a teen who commits suicide. Kids can express the way they feel about this and how they would handle a situation like that.

“She is very passionate about it. Nothing will ever stand in her way with the theater. I think it’s a great way for her to meet new people. I love hearing about all her new friends from the theater,” freshman Jenna Scott said.

This assembly is run by Beverly Houck. They have performed in Oley, both BCTC campuses, and multiple other local schools. Getting the word out and knowing you’re not alone helps students with everyday challenges.

Cassidy joined this program at the beginning of this school year. Her parents are huge supporters with Teen Theater Ensemble at the Yocum Institute program even though she had to miss quite a few days to participate in the tour of “2B”.

This year, they are doing “Duck for President.”

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