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koehleAnna Koehle is a student in the sophomore class who is involved in student council, FBLA, and softball. She is an outgoing individual who isn’t afraid to be herself. She is not afraid of talking to large groups of people; however, she does not prefer public speaking over individual conversations.

Koehle decided to study journalism because she enjoys writing that is not restricted to any genre; however, she does prefer to write personal narratives. Koehle thoroughly enjoys writing about herself. She is very confident.

Koehle has a variety of future goals. She wants to major in physical therapy and attend Penn State Hershey, the only Penn State branch that has a physical therapy program. Playing professional softball is another option that Koehle is considering. She has also considered joining the Navy. Koehle likes to help people and she likes the idea of serving the country.

If all realistic factors were eliminated and she could do anything at all with her future, Koehle would travel the world.  Having never been out of the country, she wants to see new sights and experience different cultures. If she could visit any one place, she would go to the Bahamas.

Koehle has no significant personal philosophy. She usually just lives in the moment. Similarly, she has no concrete political alignment. Koehle has no particular interest in politics.

Koehle’s idol whom she aspires to emulate is her grandfather. She admires the qualities that he embodies. He is self-driven, straightforward, and true to himself. If Koehle was to get a tattoo, she would adorn her arm with her grandmother’s date of birth and date of death.  

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