Reporter Bio: Abigail Flannery

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flanneryAbigail Rose Flannery is the daughter of Timothy and Barbara Flannery. Flannery is a senior at Fleetwood Area HIgh School. As a newcomer to The Tiger Times staff, Flannery was able to secure the position of Secretary. After graduating from Fleetwood, Flannery plans to attend college to major in communications. Her goal is to become a talk show host because she believes that the industry needs more strong women. Within Fleetwood Area High School, Flannery is a very involved student. She holds the title of HIstorian within Student Council and is involved in the Tiger Times, the school musical, and chess club . Flannery’s greatest aspiration in life is to help people. Flannery is a cashier at Boyer’s Food Market in Fleetwood. Born on 5 October 1999, Flannery is one of five children. Flannery is a self proclaimed “dog person” with three living in her household. She laughs uncertainly at the thought of the future, but remains hopeful. As a movie lover, she strongly  believes The Bee Movie is iconic. Flannery’s favorite summer memory was traveling to the Outer Banks. Her personal philosophy is, “This doesn’t just happen, you know,” and she strives to live by that phrase by making things happen. When not in school, Flannery can be found at Boyer’s, eating steak, or spending time with her dogs.

By Ripley Price

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