Reporter Bio: Morgan Althouse

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althouseMorgan Althouse was born on 12 March 2001 in St. Luke’s Hospital. She does not have one specific favorite color.

“I like all colors because they make up the world,” Althouse said.

William Shakespeare is one writer she would like to have met. Althouse prefers reading over writing because, every time you open a book, it’s a new story. One of her favorite books is The Green Mile.

“It is unique, and there is no other book like it. It is fantastically written,” Althouse said.

The only fear she has is losing connection with the world. She prefers humourous writing over serious writing. Althouse’s favorite hobby is skateboarding because it is a good workout. Orcas are her favorite animal because of their intelligence.

Althouse joined journalism because she likes writing and wants to share her knowledge with the public.

By Rayanna Celmer

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