Reporter Bio: Nathan Mercuri

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mercuriNathan Mercuri is a junior at Fleetwood Area High School. After high school, Mercuri plans on attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He plays basketball for Fleetwood. Nathan’s hobbies include going to Applebees, playing basketball, watching television, and lifting. His favorite subject is history because he isn’t bad at it.

A place that he wants to visit is Seattle because it is always cold there.Mecuri plans on getting a dog of his own someday. A music genre that he enjoys is hip-hop because it makes his heart beat.  He also enjoys alternative music and anything with Justin Bieber.

His favorite book is They Cage The Animals at Night. Steak is his favorite food because it is filled with protein. If he could go to any country, Mercuri would go to Italy because of the food. His favorite season is fall because of the cold weather. He is a night person, due to him being more awake. Nathan joined journalism because he enjoys writing in general.

By Morgan Althouse

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