Reporter Bio: Adrian Alicea

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aliceaAdrian Alicea is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. Adrian plans on majoring in secondary english education, but what school he plans on attending is undecided as of yet. In his free time, Alicea enjoys listening to music, playing video games, watching TV or movies, and reading. His favorite book genre is science fiction or fantasy, and his favorite science fiction novel is Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. Alicea’s favorite genres of music include indie, electric, low-fi emo punk, and low-fi electric.

The other clubs Alicea is involved in include Relay for Life, FBLA, and chess club. He tries to be open-minded about political alignments, having no particular decision. If reality wasn’t as cruel as it is today, Alicea would enjoy being a DJ, a poet, a novelist, a musician, or an artist. As a previous runner of track for three years and a runner of cross country for one year, Alicea looks up to Steve Prefontaine, who is also a runner. Alicea looks up to him because he believes he is a very inspiring runner with an amazing mindset. He follows Prefontaine’s famous quote, “Start the race first, finish the race first.” Another one of his role models is Quinten Coldwater, a fictional character. He also looks up to him because he is able to overcome his own personal obstacles within himself, finding what makes him happy in life.

Alicea has a huge phobia of broken glass as well as bees. He usually has his head in the clouds and is very wayward. He enjoys learning about symbolism, metaphors, and literary devices he can apply to his own life. Alicea believes Fleetwood has provided him with the tools to build himself into what he wants to be. Alicea joined journalism because he intends to be an English major, and he wanted to join a course that helped him be prepared for his future.

By Anna Koehle

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