Reporter Bio: Ben Schittler

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schittlerBen Schittler is the lone child of David Schittler and Kim Schittler. Ben was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, on 7 December 1998. He moved to Fleetwood from Arizona when he was about three-months-old. Ben hopes to be a journalist and to attend Widener University. Ben wants to be a journalist because he enjoys writing. He also likes it because he can write about a wide variety of subjects in which he is interested.

Schittler’s favorite subject is science. He just started recently writing for the Voices section of The Reading Eagle.  One of Ben’s greatest accomplishments is the fact that he is still playing baseball, his favorite sport, because he wasn’t sure how long he would be playing when he was younger. Schittler is involved in two other extracurricular activities, Science Olympiad and band. His favorite food depends on what time of the day it is and what he’s feeling like that day. Schittler’s favorite athlete is Jimmy Rollins.

Schittler’s greatest fear is being a failure. He worries about being a disappointment or not living up to people’s expectations.  Schittler loves his Unitarian Universalist religion because it lets him be more open-minded. The greatest lesson that life has taught Schittler is to always be thankful but never satisfied with what you can accomplish.

By Mina Isaac

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