Reporter Bio: Eric Ebner

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ebnerEric is sixteen-years-old. He was born on 3 April 2000 in North Carolina. Eight years ago, he moved to Fleetwood and has lived here ever since. Eric has one sibling, a sister. Eric spends most of his free time with friends. He enjoys just hanging out or playing basketball. Eric took journalism to redeem himself from failing this class last year. He doesn’t consider himself to be a failure, and he is trying to prove that to himself and others. However, Eric’s favorite school subject is science. He has an interest in science because he feels as if, out of all the other subjects, it is the most practical and useful towards real-life scenarios. After he graduates from high school, he hopes to attend college. Eric wants to go to Temple University but hasn’t quite decided on what for major yet. Some of his other interests include listening to music and watching movies. He listens to any genre of music, but has one specific favorite movie, “The Shawshank Redemption.” If Eric had to describe his life in one word, he would say it was very “unpredictable.” Eric never knows what to expect next, so he “goes with the flow.”

By Brianna Bixler

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