Reporter Bio: Aubrey Reed-Roland

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reed-rolandFleetwood isn’t Aubrey Reed-Roland’s first school. She went to two schools before she came here. She isn’t a big fan of school, and she says that it was even worse at her old schools. She doesn’t like that school focuses on how smart you are in math and science, because for everyone, that isn’t the most important subject. When she leaves high school, she would like to attend Kutztown University and become a reading teacher.

Reed-Roland has two siblings. She is the oldest of her siblings, having a younger brother and a younger sister. As of right now, she does not have a job. Her favorite place to go out to eat is a restaurant called Katie’s.. Her favorite sport to watch is hockey because she knows it really well and likes to watch the hard hits and exciting plays. She likes listening to any type of music besides country and rap. If she could go back in time for one thing, she would go back in time for Woodstock. “It may be dangerous,” she says, “but it sounds exciting.”

By McKenah Rapposelli

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