Meditation Helps Students Relax

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Meditation is a complex, yet simple, way to achieve relaxation and serenity. Anyone can meditate.

Meditation can be performed anywhere that one feels comfortable enough to do so. Quiet is needed for some, while others prefer to meditate while listening to binaural beats.

Some of the benefits of meditation are being able to perform more diligently in school.

Meditating can also lead to more calm and aware behavior during class time.

“Meditation gets you more focused in your school work and more into your zone,” sophomore Chloe Campbell said.

When meditating, it is understood that one should sit in an upright, lotus, or half lotus position.

The closing of the eyes is also recommended. Meditation can be as long as you’d  like, as long as you are able to remain in a calm, mindless state.

Beginners may have difficulty remaining like this. However, a good way to prevent this is to breathe through the stomach and to basically “think of unthinking.”

At first, silence is the best way to have a successful session. As one begins to have more experience, binaural beats can be introduced.

“It’s a good way for people to center themselves. Students today are overly stressed, and that is a good way for them to calm and steady themselves,” English teacher Sarah Wilkinson said.

Meditating is one of the most commonly used methods for ways of calming one’s self and centering his or her thoughts. While meditating, a mat is sometimes recommended for usage.

Incense can be lit while practicing. However, one should always use caution when lighting the stick and always make sure to put out the flame once the session is complete.

One way students can utilize meditating to their advantage is to  have a quick session before homework or before studying. Sessions can be as brief as ten minutes, so long as one feels that they have achieved the necessary steps to focus themselves.

“It can help kids cope with stress,”  junior Ruben Gomez said.

Meditation can be a good way to be more efficient and productive during class time.

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