Boys Basketball Season Looms

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The boys basketball team is starting up again. The season is looking exciting for the boys, as they come in as a very young team with a lot of experience and skill. Last year, the team only had two seniors, and one of them was out for the season, so the team really only played with one senior.

With open gyms underway now and tryouts coming soon, the coaches are keeping a close eye on all players and are checking to see who really wants to play for the team and who is there to just mess around.

“I feel really excited.  The coaches are looking great, and the fans seem ready to cheer us on,” senior Broderick Allen said.

Last season was rough for the boys team. They finished 6-15 overall and 2-8 in the league. The boys look to have a much better season this year and focus on winning.

“They are going to do okay. They have the opportunity to do good this season, with a strong player like Nate Mercuri who can lead the team to play better,” sophomore Jephte Guillaume said.

“We are expecting to win the division, especially with a great senior like Brad Hook controlling the floor,” junior Nate Mecuri said.

The competition is just as difficult as it was last year, but the team believes that not only did they become better, they also became closer as well. Everyone on the team is close and there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to working together. This is true because most of the kids on the team now have been playing with each other their whole lives.

The coaches believe the talent is there, but with all the young players, they need to focus more on the mental components of the game and make sure everyone that is in the game knows what to be doing at all times.

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