Hubble Photo From 1995 Shows a Different View of the Universe

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Most people assume that the universe we know is quite big. Compared to the rest of the universe, humans are a speck that we often overlook in the scheme of things. Nearly twenty-one years ago, the Hubble space telescope was sent into space with some hope of new advancements in our knowledge, and it came back with something intriguing.

Pointing the telescope at nothing in particular for ten days straight, the Hubble telescope took 343 images of a tiny place in the sky located right above the Big Dipper, and it came back showing what we know now as the Hubble Deep Field.

To make sense of how much sky makes up this field, hold a pin about an arm’s length in the away from your eyes. The tip of that pin is the amount of sky hat appears in this photo. Although this image does seem very tiny, it is actually twelve billion light-years deep.

“We were relieved that we were getting good data, but we had to keep adding it up, so it wasn’t until ten days we realized, oh, we finally got something,” Robert Williams, the director of Hubble’s science institute back in 1995, said.

How close are we to the Hubble Deep Void? According to Harry Ferguson, who was responsible for planning and analyzing the Hubble Deep Field, said that “the relative motion of our galaxy relative to the most distant seen in the Hubble Deep Field is nearly the speed of light.In other words, closer than we think.

“We have a lot left to discover.  The only thing holding us back is innovation,” science teacher Mr. Todd Driesbach said.

In that case, sky really is the limit to what we can learn in our science classrooms.

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