Dorney Park Haunt Terrifies

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On 23 September, Dorney Park Haunt opened up for the first time this season. At Dorney Park, there are many new attractions that were added for the Haunt season. The biggest difference between The Haunt and Dorney Park during the summer is the actors walking around. There are clowns, vampires, and sliders. Sliders are the actors that slide on their knees and scare people. In order to be a slider, an actor must be on at least level 4. This is necessary because sliding is a risky act and one must be trained in order to do it safely. Level 4 is the highest level that actors can reach at Dorney Park. Actors that are on level 4 can walk around the park and are not restricted to one area.

Another attraction at The Haunt is the “Chamber of Horrors.” The Chamber of Horrors is a wax museum that re-opened for a limited period of time. The museum includes wax figures of the most terrifying villains, murderers, and criminals. One terrifying attraction is the “Grave Walkers” attractions. You find yourself in the middle of a cemetery and are forced to walk through it. It is quite frightening to say the least. There are dead people grabbing at you, and they will catch you off guard.

“It’s a pretty scary attraction. Even when you are expecting it, the actors are good and catch you off guard,” senior Tristan Spannuth said.

The Trick-or-Treat is one of the most bone-chilling attractions. Rumor has it that a witch lives there. It’s a creepy house with actors and sound effects. Most of the people that go to the Haunt say it is their favorite attraction because of the perfect Halloween feel.

The park still operates some of the casual Dorney Park-goer’s favorite attractions, which include Demon Drop, Hydra, Dominator, Possessed, Stinger, and Steel Force.

“[My favorite part of Haunt] is just the feeling,” supervisor Patrick Moyer said.  “I love the feeling of the actors walking around and the creepy music always playing.”

One of the Haunt actors at Haunt said her favorite part about the job is “having the experience of working with others through acting and improvising.”

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