Evidence for Global Warming Convinces Most

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A topic that has been exceedingly controversial in the recent past is climate change and global warming.

In a nutshell, global warming is a change in regional or global climate patterns. In recent years, temperatures have progressively grown warmer.

The Greenhouse effect could be one cause of the rapid warming of the earth. Greenhouse gasses are released when people use vehicles for transportation.

Slaughterhouses also contribute to releasing greenhouse gasses by as much as  18%.

The burning of fossil fuels is also one main contributor to the warming of the earth. Deforestation is another cause of climate change.

Regardless of the evidence that supports climate change, many people still believe that global warming does not exist. There is evidence both for and against climate change.

“Global warming is sad because animals are getting endangered because of the loss of icebergs, especially polar bears and penguins,” junior Vincenzo Davi said.

Wildlife is suffering greatly from this worldwide issue.  Even though they are on opposite poles,  polar bears and penguins are just two of the vast variety of wildlife being devastated from the melting of the ice caps.

“Climate change is a growing concern. It is a result of increases in greenhouse gasses and also a result of pollution. It has widespread effects on not just temperatures, but  also plant life and animal life and  their abundance as well. Overall, it is a big concern and is something that needs to be addressed,”  science teacher Mrs. Stephanie Skelly said.

There are many concerns about climate change globally.  Though there are steps being taken to help prevent further damage globally, climate change experts allege that much more action needs to be done to help put a halt to the large amount of greenhouse gasses being released daily.  

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