Alleged Clown Sightings Terrorize Pennsylvania

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There have been many clown sightings around local cities and towns.

Although there has not been anyone hurt by any of these clowns, the people that have seen them do feel threatened. There is one student in Fleetwood who has claimed to see one.

“I have never been more scared in my life.  I ran as fast as my little legs would let me,” freshman Max LaFranchise said.

People claim that they have see clowns around Fleetwood, but this was the only sighting that was reported to the police.

This scenario has taken over the Internet, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media.

The sightings are all over the U.S.  Some people go “clown hunting,” looking for these clowns that are roaming around the community along with many others. Then there are other people that just sit in their houses and don’t  go outside and put their lives in danger. Plus, there are the select few that just don’t care or believe in the clowns.

There was supposedly a “murder” by a clown in Reading. After further investigation on the topic, it was revealed that a clown was not the murderer of the young child.

Actual working clowns are very fed up with this situation because it is giving them a “bad wrap.” They say that clowns should not be feared and that they should be enjoyed around the community.

It is very hard to enjoy a clown when some of them are running around disturbing families in their own homes and apparently writing school threats on social media. Some schools have actually cancelled school due to the clown threats on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the people that started the threats have been found, but it is nothing to take lightly. School threats are no joke in today’s society.

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