Girls’ Soccer Post-Season Update

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The girls’ soccer team is going back to districts for the second year in a row. They won districts last year. The girls are the number one seed in the district playoffs.

“It feels great knowing we have experience throughout the team, and we know what it takes to win. Getting to Hershey has been one of our goals all season, as well as playing for Kiley,” senior Sydney Lobb said. “To win districts for a second time would be crazy! We lost to Palmyra three years ago (the last time we played them) in the first round of districts, 4-1, so they are going to be a very tough team. Being the number one seed and going into the tournament 20-0 means nothing, and the games come down to who shows up to play and who executes in the final parts of the game. It’s anyone’s game; only the strong teams are left in the postseason.”

The team seems to be more than ready. The girls call this season the “Year Of The Tigers,” stating that this year is their year and they plan on taking the state championship. This stuff does not come easy. They practice six days a week for about two hours a day.

This is the real test, they made it this far last year, but, unfortunately, they came up short.

You can’t give all the credit to just the players. They may be the ones playing the game, but many people forget about the most important person on the team, the coach. The coach is the one that motivated them where they are now and taught them all the things they know and love about soccer.

The girls have gone too far to turn back now. The only thing on their minds is the district and state trophy.

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