FBLA Still Recruiting New Members

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Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) are still looking for new members! In this club, students and teachers work together  to further their knowledge on business leadership.

In this club students can participate in numerous activities. Activities include meeting business leaders, viewing and completing presentations, undertaking field trips, participating in traveling, and earning recognition for your skills.

If you join FBLA, you certainly wouldn’t be alone! Nationwide, there are 235,111 FBLA members. There are 13,000 members statewide. There are one hundred and seven members in Fleetwood.

If you are still wondering why you should join, scholarships could be acquired by participating in FBLA.  Scholarship money can also be attained by actively being involved in FBLA.

“We meet every thursday after school, and the meetings are usually about a half hour to an hour long. We also go to different businesses and conferences,” freshman and FBLA member  Emma Crissman said.

Even though attending meetings is very important, you do not have to be afraid of not knowing anyone.

“By joining FBLA, it is an easy way to make new friends and learn new skills about business,” sophomore and FBLA member Faith Readinger stated.

FBLA members recently took a trip to Unique pretzels in Temple. This trip was to learn how a business like Unique Pretzels works. The duration of this trip lasted from 8:30 to 2:30 and was on 15 November.

Members can gain a multitude of skills by joining and participating in FBLA. Business leadership, social skills,  and speech skills are just some of the skills that can be acquired by being a member of FBLA.

Meetings are not mandatory, but they are recommended.

FBLA partakes in many national programs. Some of these national programs include competitive events, skills certification testing, and much more.

To join FBLA, one must fill out a form and pay a fee of $20.00.  

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