NBA Season Begins Again

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The 2016-17 NBA season has started back up, and NBA fans are excited. There are some new big changes on some teams, and some teams are keeping with mostly the same roster.

There were a lot of angry NBA fans when, back in July, Kevin Durant decided he was going to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the already outstanding Golden State Warriors.

Kevin Durant was a former NBA MVP. He won the award back in the 2013-14 season. The seasons since then, Durant has been through injuries. When he wasn’t injured, he was making a big impact on the Thunder.

Last season, the Thunder lost in the semi-finals to the Warriors by blowing a 3-1 lead, which the Warriors ended up doing in The Finals. This had a big impact on Durant joining the Warriors. In Durant’s first game with the Warriors, they lost to the Spurs 129-100.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to go back-to-back this year. They don’t want to let the four-star Golden State Warriors get in their way and stop them from winning a title.

The Bulls, Clippers, Hawks, Cavaliers, and Thunder are all off to a great start so far, not losing a game yet, but all of the can change very quickly in an instant.

76ers fans are very upset with this season, as their number one pick was injured right before the season started. Ben Simmons was supposed to get the team to start playing better, especially with Joel Embiid coming back after being injured for three straight years.

Ben Simmons only played one year in college. He attended Louisiana State University, more commonly known as LSU.  He was a stand-out athlete and made teams want the number one pick to acquire him.

Even though the season just started, there are a lot of players in the run for the MVP Title. There are players who are making their team tough to beat and putting up many stats each game.

Everyone is looking to make it to the finals, but they need to have a good regular season first and make it into the playoffs. Even though it is early, there are some teams who look as though they will make it far into the playoffs.

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