FASD Website Gets a Facelift

Posted on December 15, 2016 by


The Fleetwood Area School District has experienced changes in its website during the past couple of weeks.

“Just like anything that changes, it takes an adjustment. I am used to the old one, so as of now, I am not a fan. I like the way it looks though,” Technology Education teacher Sara Sanocki said.  

Sanocki said the high school’s page on the website is run by principal Stephen Herman.

This new website is no longer supported by the Berks County Intermediate Unit either; all the teacher pages are being transferred to Google Pages unless the teacher chooses alternate software.

When clicking on the staff directory on the homepage, and then clicking on a link in a teacher’s page, it will take you to a site that says, “error.” This means BCIU is no longer a part of the FAHS website.

“Well, it’s going to take me some time to get used to it. A lot of the staff materials are somewhat harder to access. I guess it makes sense because then there is better security; you don’t want all the parents and teachers going into all of that,” science teacher Karen Favata said.

There are a few people in the school that gave a positive outlook on this update in the school’s webpage.

“It kind of came out of nowhere; nobody is used to it. I like it, though, because it looks nicer than the older one,” sophomore Hannah Weitzel said.

Not many people were aware of the change yet, but the majority of the people who did say something about it believe these changes are not a good thing and that the page should go back to the way it was before.

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