Random Cheese: What is your favorite Winter Activity?

Posted on January 2, 2017 by


“I like to ski. I like to feel the snow blow by my nose,” senior Thayjas Patil said.

“I like snowboarding,” senior Tyler Redding said.

“Trying not to be cold,” senior FaithAnn Scanlan said.

“Sit on my couch, look outside, and wait for spring,” senior Carl Fortna said.

“Snowboarding, playing video games, or engaging in snowball fights,” senior Ben Reed said.

“Sleep,” senior Meghan Burkert said.

“I like to play soccer,” junior Zack Heller said.

“Play basketball,” junior Ben Schittler said.

“Watch Netflix,” junior Klarissa Pierce said.

“Play pond hockey,” freshman Owen Noll said.

“I like to make fake snow,” junior Nick Carlin said.

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