Deforestation Devastates the World

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An issue that has been very controversial of late is deforestation.  Many species have gone extinct because of this problem. Global warming is also a repercussion of deforestation. In rainforests, deforestation adds more carbon into the air than cars do on the roads of today’s streets.

Animals cannot survive deforestation either. Fifty-thousand animals go extinct each year due to deforestation.

“I feel strongly that deforestation is awful. I do not support the fact that it causes animals to become extinct. The flow of nature is being abruptly halted by this major issue,” junior Christine Deida said.

Animals and plants cannot survive the conditions that transpire when their habitat is destroyed. About seventy percent of the planet’s plants and animals thrive in the rainforest.

“I think deforestation is a very concerning issue and it breaks my heart to know that animals and plants are wiped out for the profit of man,” sophomore Savannah Lopez said.

Global warming is also an issue that is fueled by deforestation. The less trees there are, the more it increases the impact of climate change. Greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere at a higher rate than they would if deforestation was not an issue.

The water cycle is also affected in areas subjected to deforestation.  Without trees to recycle water back into the air, the soil becomes dry and uninhabitable because the trees are not there to offer shade from the blazing sun.

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