Should Tests Remain the Primary Method of School Assessment?

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Exams have always been a big part of most schools worldwide. Though a change is wanted by many, it seems unlikely to some that a big enough stink could be made to drag attention to this rising issue.

“I would definitely want less exams. Tests are worth a lot of points, and if you fail them, it lowers your grade.  I would certainly recommend more projects to replace exams,” sophomore Makenna Moyer said.

A poll was instituted at, where students were asked if exams should be replaced with another form of assessment. The results were 43% in favor of the replacement and 57% in favor of no change.

Though many of polls have been taken, the results have gone in favor of replacement and those not in favor. The results also seem to vary from website to website.

Different views on this subject stem from different evidence. The idea that tests should remain arises from the most accepted idea that students, in the long run, will benefit from taking exams. Also, teachers use the scores as an idea of what the test taker knows or does not know.

The individuals who disagree with this most commonly point to the fact that exams can  occasionally bring grades down and can cause the test takers more stress.

Effective action has yet to be taken towards replacing exams. So far, a lot of talk about a need for change has occurred, but any concrete action is still pending.

There are many websites that debate the effects that would occur if exams were to be banned.

“I support replacing exams.  These tests that we as students are taking only question us on our memory of material that we may not understand,” sophomore  Elsie Martinez said.

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