NFL Playoffs Heat Up

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NFL Playoffs have arrived, and many fans are excited to watch their team compete.

The first round of playoffs is the Wild Card round, and these games are being played on 7 January  and 8 January. The Raiders and Texans compete first on the 7th in Houston, and then the Lions and the Seahawks play afterwards in Seattle.

On the 8th, the Dolphins go into Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers, and the Giants take a trip to Lambeau field, which is the home of the Green Bay Packers, to try and take out Aaron Rodgers and his team.

The Dallas Cowboys clinched a first round bye because they took the NFC East. They are coming off of a very impressive season, with two starting rookies at the QB and RB position as well as an outstanding offensive line. They will play the winner of the Packers-Giants game.

With not much experience in a team, the Cowboys may be worried because they have lost both games to the Giants so far this year, and the Packers are playing really well, making them a very experienced team in the playoffs.

The Patriots are being led by Tom Brady, just like every year. He’s had another outstanding season, according to sports analysts.

The Kansas City Chiefs also won their division, so they had a first round bye. They competed in a very difficult division. The Oakland Raiders were in a tough competition with the Chiefs for first place.

The only other team with a first round bye is the Atlanta Falcons. They had a very surprising season with an 11-5 record and outstanding offensive play. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones had a great connection this year and the offensive line led the way to many victories.

There also were some surprises for teams who did not make the playoffs this year. The Baltimore Ravens started out 3-0 and had a good roster, but then they really fell and ended up 8-8. The Minnesota Vikings were leading the division for a while and started out 5-0, but ended up 8-8 as well.

Both teams who competed in the Super Bowl also failed to make the Playoffs this year.

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