Reporter Bio–Brittany Wade

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wadeBrittany Wade is a junior at Fleetwood Area High School. She ended her sophomore year in cyber school. She started her junior year the same way she ended her sophomore year. Wade likes all movies, but her favorite genre is action, and her favorite movie is Zero Dark Thirty. She says that is her favorite because it is packed with action and explosions. Wade’s perfect place to travel is Cancun. She says it is very alluring and the scenery is amazing. She also enjoys it because of it’s warmth year-round. Music is very important to Wade. Her favorite album is Neptune by Tall Heights. Her favorite song on the album is “Spirit Cold.” Her favorite hobby is sleeping because she is always tired. She wants to be a psychiatric mental health nurse because she likes to help people. Wade is excited to be in journalism class and to write new articles.

By Mina Isaac

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