Fleetwood Boys Tennis Starts Up

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As the upcoming boys’ tennis season quickly approaches, many members are looking ahead with great optimism. Players include freshmen Josh Kopysienski, Zach Haas, Vincent Rudderow, and Aaron Poper; sophomores Nicholas Miller and Nico Touch; juniors Austin Brown and Shawn Bessey; and seniors Kyle Keirstead, Adam Cook, Harry Zheng, Max Pavlick, Jeremy Heist, Cole Strange, and Zachary Shucraft.


“I think we’ll perform pretty similarly.  We’re hoping for Berks playoffs as well as district playoffs,” head coach Mr. Joshua Werstler said.

Winning Berks and district playoffs have always been in their sights; they have made it to both in the past.

“I played in the Berks playoffs as a junior,” senior Kyle Keistead said.  “I think we have a very strong lineup this year led by some experienced seniors that will do very well. As an individual, I am looking forward to improving on my record from last year, and I believe it will be a good season.”

“I really have confidence in me growing as a player, but I’m not sure if I will play in the future,” sophomore Nico Touch said.

“I really hope to reach our goal of performing in playoffs. Once–or if–we get in, we usually have trouble, and we always run into a few private schools who have pretty good players. We normally expand on the postseason as well,” Werstler said.

Brian Gessi is also stepping up once again as assistant coach for the 2017 season.

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