Random Cheese: What Would You Do If You Only Had One Day to Live?

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Photo used with permission from (c) Anne Hornyak

“Spend time with family and children,” English teacher Ms. Debra Mahnken said.

“Figure out the craziest way to die and do it,” senior Sydney Lobb said.

“Steal a private jet and travel the world,” senior Lexi Nowotarski said.

“Make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate them,” junior Chantel Cobb said.

”Skydive and spend time with friends and family–do things I was afraid to do,” senior Tori Bertsch said.

“Coaching the #WildWomen: one more game with wild women,” coach Mr. Matthew Kellett said.

“Go to Six Flags and ride those [crazy] rollercoasters until I die,” junior Ruben Gomez said.

“Spend the whole day with the family,” math teacher Mr. Matthew Farr said.

“Take a chance and rob a bank,” junior Antonio Rosa said.

“Spend time with loved ones,” senior Byanka Chavarria said.

”Spend time with family and dogs,” speech therapist Miss Nicole Majewski said.

“Play Xbox and hang out with girlfriends,” senior Ben Schuker said.

“Sleep,” senior Kirsten Werst said.

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