Kidnapped Student Located, Nation Reassured

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Fifty-year old teacher, Tad Cummins, was accused of kidnapping his fifteen-year old student after researching ‘teen marriage’ before allegedly abducting the girl, according to authorities.

The kidnapping of Elizabeth Thomas took place on 13 March 2017, and Cummins was fired from his job the next day.

“Cummins may have been abusing his role of a teacher to groom the teen in an effort to lure her,” Sarah Thomas said.

Thomas told ABC News that Elizabeth urgently woke her up the day she disappeared and made her promise to call the police if she wasn’t home by six o’clock that night. Sarah told reporters she sounded serious and that Elizabeth never sounds serious.

When Thomas didn’t come home that night, Sarah grew scared. Liz’s sister didn’t think Elizabeth knew she was leaving that night because her sister wouldn’t leave without at least hugging her.

Authorities say that Cummins was believed to be armed and that Thomas was in impending danger. Jill Cummins, Tad Cummins’ husband, pleaded her husband to come home the night of Elizabeth’s disappearance.

“I had no idea my husband was involved with anything that has led to all this. My heart breaks for the family of Elizabeth Thomas,” Jill said.

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