Prom Committee Meets Every Friday

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With Prom season in the air, everyone is rushing to get his or her dress or suit picked out and altered. During this time, the prom committee is gathering the supplies they need for decorations and to find the perfect D.J. for this very special night.

Juniors Maya Evans, Laura Kaskey, Julia Donahoe, and Sebastian Kukielka are members of the prom committee, while teachers Ms. Susan Nagle and Mrs. Kelly Ackerman are the junior class advisors running the meetings.

“Prom committee is made up of juniors and seniors who volunteer and want to decorate for prom. Currently we have a small group of juniors decorating and making all the decisions regarding prom. As an advisor, I will give my thoughts when asked and help with suggestions,” class advisor Ms. Sue Nagle said.

On the committee, they plan details and decorations like prom invitations, favors, center pieces, and the food. Anyone has the ability of helping out, even the freshmen and sophomores, even though they cannot attend prom without an upperclassman invitation.

“Any junior or senior interested in joining prom committee can join. It is very unofficial, so you may attend a meeting whenever you want to,” junior Laura Kaskey said.

There are other committees that involve prom that are called “sub-committees.” These committees are called marketing/publicity, fundraising, ticket committee, decorating committee, site-coordination committee, security, entertainment committee, photo committee, menu committee, favors committee, clean-up committee, and the royal court committee. At Fleetwood, students have all of these committees just combined into one whole.

Everyone who participates in prom committee plays a huge role in setting up for prom. They have the responsibilities of choosing and ordering the food, as well as choosing and making the decorations, invitations. and much more. If you are a junior or senior interested in attending a meeting, you are able to show up whenever you would like. The meetings take place every Friday after school.

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