What Causes Crime?

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Minor or major, crime is rampant. Many blame bad parenting. Others claim druge usage. The question however still remains, what causes crime?

Many factors go into what causes crime.  Population is a key factor that goes into the consideration of the root of crime. The continuing arguments in already high populated areas leads to more cultural conflicts, as well as higher rates of organized crime.

“I believe that poverty is a very major cause of crime today–especially in areas where work is scarce and the pay is low,” sophomore Savannah Lopez said.

Poverty can also be taken into major consideration. Poverty often drives people to go to great lengths to gain money, food, housing, etc.  This factor is argued to be one of lead causes for crime.

Drugs are another cause of crime. Whether it be drug cartels or drug addicts going to great lengths to support their addiction, much of today’s crime can be traced back to narcotics.

Also, many seek to blame parenting when it comes to specific convicts. However, this concept can easily be used as a scapegoat. A great many crimes do stem from areas where the locals are prone to have a record; however, a surprising amount comes from neighborhoods of just the opposite.

In 2016, The Office Of Policy Development And Research, (PD&R) stated that “Neighborhoods’ incidence of violent crime is related to an array of intertwined characteristics, including poverty, segregation, and inequality; collective efficacy, disorder, trust, and institutions; job access; immigration; residential instability, foreclosures, vacancy rates, and evictions; land use and the built environment; neighborhood change; and location of housing assistance.”

The mental state of many convicts also has to be taken into consideration when looking into the roots of crime. “[Fifty-five]  percent of male inmates in state prisons are mentally ill, but 73 percent of female inmates are,” TheAtlantic.com said.

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