Prom Trends 2017 Steal from Nature

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Each prom season, young men and women spend hours searching for the perfect dress or tuxedo to wear on the biggest night of their high school lives, the prom. While tuxedos have had very small changes over the last twenty-odd years, prom dress trends continue to change each year.

The current year’s trends all seem to fall into the same central idea of inspiration from nature and playful vibes.

Many dresses can be found incorporating floral patterns and embroidered designs.   Some of the most popular colors of the season are dusty rose and wine. These colors are used on a variety of styles, such as two-piece dresses or a more daring style with cutouts. The two-piece trend has been coming and going since the 1980’s and usually sticks around for a few years at a time.

Fleetwood students have found the most luck this year with stores such as Windsor and Lulu’s.

Popular accents over the past five  years have been statement rings and bold lips. Many students have also opted out of the traditional dress shoe or heel and have instead worn a canvas shoe, such as Converse or Vans. This decision comes from a place of comfort for most students as a way to avoid the pain of high heels.

Natural hair wins the day for the trendiest hair style, though it is not entirely natural. Girls have been avoiding the use of a couple hundred bobby pins and have instead been wearing the “natural” loose curls as a more low-maintenance look.

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