Opinion: Violence Effects Kids

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Violence has been around forever. It doesn’t look like the crime rate is coming to an end either, which would be a tough thing to do.

As much as most people would like to not see violence be around anymore, there will always be some people that have a different view and try and cause as much violence as they can.

Gun violence is very common. It results in tens of thousands of deaths annually. There is really no way to stop it, even if the government makes guns illegal, because it’s illegal to kill people, but that doesn’t stop people from murdering other people.

All the violence is making the world a very scary place for everyone, but for children, parents always have to worry about keeping their kids safe. A parent shouldn’t have to always worry about their child whenever the kid goes out.

“Yes, I do constantly worry about my child. It is scary knowing there are people out there that would harm my son, but I trust whoever is taking care of my child when I am not around, but when I am around, I am always keeping track of my kid and making sure he is safe,” English teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson said.

There are many types of violence, including physical, verbal, and sexual violence. All of them have a negative effect on people’s lives, and can in some sort ruin a person./

Approximately 120 million girls under the age of twenty have experienced sexual violence, which is scary for a young girl.

Sometimes, it is someone making bad decisions that leads to that person being in danger. The only way to try and stop bad decisions is if the parent’s taught them well while growing up, but sometimes that is not enough.

“As a kid, I never really thought about violence and always lived in more of a care-free style, just having the most fun I possibly could. Now that I’m older, I have a different viewpoint. Violence is a little scarier because I understand what effect it truly can make,” senior Brodrick Allen said.

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