Reporter Bio: Morgan Althouse

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Morgan Althouse is the daughter of Theresa Clark and Barry Althouse. She was born on 12 March 2001, along with her twin sister Taylor. This is her second year in journalism, and she is the Secretary of The Tiger Times.  Althouse is looking forward to making new friends this year. In her spare time, Althouse enjoys listening to all kinds of groovy music and reading poetry. After graduating from Fleetwood, Althouse is planning to major in either psychology or the arts. Althouse is an animal lover and owns many reptiles and one dog. Althouse also loves spending time with her best friend, Elyse Essick. Althouse loves to have a good time playing guitar, singing, reading, writing, and riding on her longboard. Some of Althouse’s favorite music are 50’s music, folk music, and indie music, as well as anything funky. Outside of school hours, you can catch Althouse working with an activist group for animals, PETA.

By Jayra Chavarria

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