Reporter Bio: Zach Slusser

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Zach Slusser was born 10 May 2000 in Reading Hospital and is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School.  He has a definite passion for journalism, as he wants to pursue it as a potential career and plans to attend college for either journalism or English. Another passion of his is playing Soccer, and he even participated as  a part-time referee.

He considers the nationwide legalization of gay marriage to be the most important political event during his lifetime so far. On that note of politics, he has a more left-leaning point of view, but he doesn’t one-hundred-percent support either side. He also is a film fan and cites Baby Driver and Kingsman: The Secret Service as two of his favorites and considers Mark Hamill his favorite actor. He considers Batman one of his favorite superheroes, although he doesn’t have a definite favorite. He is a fan of the band Maroon 5.

His philosophies and views on life are the truest insight into who he is as a person. He one day hopes to be remembered as a good man who respected and inspired others.  Slusser considers some important lessons he’s learned in life to be  that one should act honestly with people, do work on time, push one’s self to the maximum of what he can do, and keep up with the world around yourself. He considers his definition of happiness to be, “Do what you love, and be with the people you love.”  


By Mason Harris

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