Reporter Bio: Mason Harris

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Mason Harris was born on 8 December, 1999, in the Reading Hospital in Reading, PA. He is the only child in his family.

Harris’s early education was scattered across multiple different school districts; he attended Wyomissing until the end of his first grade year, Andrew Maier Elementary in Fleetwood until the end of second grade, a school in Ohio until the end of third grade, and Fleetwood from fourth grade onward. His plans after high school include attending college.

Harris’s interests primarily include those that fall into the visual arts and media. He is an avid comic book reader, with most of them falling into the superhero genre. Superman is his favorite hero out of the dozens that he reads. Harris is also a connoisseur of classic rock and metal. His favorite bands include Black Sabbath and Clutch. As described by the man himself, he enjoys Black Sabbath because, “It’s doomy and it’s just freaking metal, man.” He chooses Clutch because of its classic, old-school, 70s rock sound. He also enjoys movies and TV, favoring the works of director Quentin Tarantino and TV shows like Smallville and Game of Thrones. One of his favorite TV personalities/hosts is Chris Hanson. He also plays video games whenever he isn’t watching movies and reading comics.

Harris joined the Journalism class and The Tiger Times staff for many reasons; the first of which is that journalism interested him as a profession and as a subject of study. He also wanted to have more classes with the Times’ illustrious leader, Mr. Houp. Harris was also inspired to join because he idolizes Superman, and he works as a reporter for the fictional newspaper The Daily Planet. He is considering pursuing journalism after high school as well.

By Zachary Slusser

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